Monday, January 26, 2015

Keeping the Balance

I find myself pondering a question:
     How do you keep a reasonable balance?

It's been advised that I read a book about women and fitness and so far, I'm struggling (I'm only like 29% of the way in-Kindle talk) with this concept...How do you know what the balance is???

As I read this book it seems the author is trying to convince me that fitness is #1-the most important thing.  Although I see the value in being fit, feeling good and able to care for my family-I feel like she is missing the main point.  For me the bottom line is not just about 100% focus on what I look like.  Yes, I want to be healthy, but I don't think (at least not today) I'm ready to sell out to 100% focus on my personal feelings!  My delight and joy comes from the Lord, I won't find it in my bodies appearance or even in my health.   Am I missing her point?

She has a particular affinity to "feeling sexy" --not my goal...I want to simply be healthy.  I want to have a relatively balanced diet, energy to take care of today and of my God given purposes.  I guess in a nut shell I'm saying, God's purposes for my life come first.

Maybe I'm just struggling with the semantics of her book.  "Feeling Sexy", "being the B ***H in the room", "dressing in skin tight clothes that give me confidence", and "looking like I know that every man in the room wishes his wife looked like me"...  THESE ARE NOT MY GOALS!!!!

In conclusion:  Finding the balance for me will not line up with the balance of the author of this book-I don't think.  I'm not interested in focussing all of my attention on having as little body fat as possible.  My focus is not having horrible results when my blood is drawn.  My focus is finding a balance that allows me to live -not just for me-but for the Lord.  This will require depending on Him for discernment and for guidance and for boldness.  I cannot get those things from my body.

I'm still reading this book.  I'm hoping her focus will change as she discusses nutrition later in the book.  Here's to pushing through.  No-I'm not discouraged...only disappointed in the knowledge that so many people are turning to fitness and "feeling sexy" in order to fill a void that only the Lord can fill.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Surviving the Holidays with a New Perspective

Recap:  The Dr. Apt that changed my life=Nov. 11, 2014

It has been very nearly two months, that's just past 8 weeks.

I started Advocare Dec. 3rd, five weeks ago.

I've lost 16 pounds and 13 1/2 inches.

I'm feeling GREAT!

I'm noticing different things at this point, mostly related to how I'm thinking about food in general.

I went to a late dinner with a friend last night.  In preparation for that dinner, I caught myself perusing the menu online.  I was trying to decide what I'd eat-what would be a wise choice to consume.  I've caught myself thinking about what I would eat ahead of time often lately.  WANTING to make a wise choice before I even get there.  This is a new thing for me.

My tastes are different.  My sensitivity to salty and sweet are way heightened!  Before I might eat a whole candy bar, or two if times were "desperate".  Now, a simple bite is more than enough to suffice-if I would even choose something sweet for a snack.  More often than not-I'd choose a handful of unsalted nuts over something so overpoweringly sweet.  I've learned that it's ok to take a smaller portion and I can still have the same feeling of contentment as if I'd consumed a large portion.  This is a new thing for me.

I don't desire my "old favorites"!  Ex.  BREAD.  I used to LOVE bread!  Cheesy Bread, garlic bread, buttered bread, dinner rolls, crescent rolls, a good soft bun for my burger.  Bread, Bread, Bread.  After not having bread for almost a month, I thought I'd have a dinner roll over the holidays.  It tore me up for several hours.  Needless to say, my desire for bread seems to be gone.  This is a new thing for me.

I have new go-to's.  Balsamic Vinaigrette instead of blue cheese dressing, greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  I love Avocados now!  Just to name a few.  This is a new thing for me.

Cravings for fresh fruits and veggies are becoming more common for me.  I am thinking about how foods are processed, what they are prepared with now.  Where did that come from???  This "Fresh" produce tastes better to me now.  I'm noticing more flavor and a new joy in God's creativity about His food creation.  This is a new thing for me.

I'm enjoying finding good recipes to cook at home.  There is a comfort in knowing exactly what I've put into a meal and an intentionality to the portion sizes of that meal.  I'll be trying Spaghetti Squash tonight!  I'm enjoying cooking again!  I'm not thinking about eating out like I used to.  This is a new thing for me.

Ultimately, with the start of a new year, I'm looking forward to becoming more healthy.  I'm looking forward to passing those habits on to my husband and my children.  I'm still depending on the Lord to give me strength to fight my cravings, and to give me strength to serve Him while He continues finishing His work in me.  Oh, that I could honor Him in all I do!  Bring it on 2015!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

We have an empty Box on Day 10!

I find myself on day 10 and I'm celebrating an empty box.  The first milestone in my journey is past-The Cleanse!

My favorite part of this journey so far is the meal plan.  It's made following "the plan" so much easier.  I've encountered others who have not had the benefits of those my Coach, Jane is giving me.  I started out not realizing how rare her coaching was.  After speaking with others I'm so thankful for her interaction daily in my life!

I've had only 2 moments of panic and she has come to the rescue both times.  The first was an outing to a local Mexican restaurant.  I texted her wondering what to order!  The second was similar but I learned that my favorite hot wings place serves salads!  Who would've thought?!

My least favorite part has been the fiber drink.  However, I've realized thinking about it makes it worse than it really is.  Its not terrible and I've finished all 6 of them and not died, so I guess I'm on the road to better health!

I'm definitely learning how to cook all over again.  I would, in the grand scheme of things consider myself a decent cook.  It can be overwhelming to realize the things I've cooked in the past aren't the best options for regular eating.  I've found that there are a plethora of recipes for clean eating out there.  They are delicious!  This week alone, we've eaten parmesan chicken, a clean chili (with no canned beans-only dried), and a great chicken and rice dish!  I'm learning how to cook from products that are not preserved with salt and sugar.  What a concept!  I soaked my first beans yesterday-there's a first for everything!  So, I'm back to looking up recipes every morning to plan my meal for that night.  Pinterest has been a GREAT resource!  (search "Clean Eating" for recipes)

My biggest struggle is still getting in the exercise.  I've always been terrible at that and the trend continues.  I guess, this is where the grace peace fits in.  I just keep plugging ahead!

The most encouraging thing for me is finding that my family is enjoying these meals too!  In some cases I've gotten the "Mom, I like this better than your regular chili!"  and "Mom, that looks really good!  Can I eat that for lunch too?"  Their bodies are craving "good for them" food too!

I'm beginning to notice changes in my body.  My stomach is definitely smaller which is helping with portion control.  I simply can't eat as much anymore!  My plantar fasciitis is receding!  My feet aren't hurting when I get up in the morning anymore!  Whoo hoo!  I have a lot more energy which is making me more active during the day.  Clothes are beginning to fit loosely!  Whoop!  I'm looking forward to that first shopping spree though-I have to say ;-).

The most exciting thing is by the end of this past week, other people are beginning to notice a difference.  This alone is motivation to continue on the journey.  One day at a time!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No More Diet Coke!

That's a statement from me I'm sure you didn't expect.

After a tough Dr.'s appointment a few weeks ago, I'm embarking on some life changes.  For me.  Gulp.  I have spent so much time thinking about other people that taking care of "Me" has taken a back seat.  I feel a little selfish jumping on this ship, to be honest.  However, I believe it's time.  If things about me don't change it'll only keep me from doing for others in the future.  So, here I go.

I'm planning to blog a bit about it.  This too is for me.  I want to record my thoughts as I go through this process of becoming healthier, finding purpose and meaning in being fit.  I want to find a balance between fitness and living the life God has created for me to live.  Which right now, obviously, includes being more healthy.  So I've started by setting some goals for myself.

Goals:  The scale has to go down.  It's not about numbers-but my BP won't come down if my weight doesn't.  Diabetes won't stay away if I keep the status quo at this point.  And that bad cholesterol...  How awesome would it be if I could have those BP regulating Beta Blockers removed from my daily intake?  I can't do this on my own.  The Lord is my Strength.

With the help of a coach who I feel I can be completely honest with and a good friend who is in my life several times a week I'm hoping that this is the best chance I'll have in maintaining good eating habits, getting the encouragement I need and keeping my motivation up.  Hopefully these will be the tickets to success.

I also, am voicing my fears: 1.) Failure!  I need to loose wait forever, not just for a month.  2.)  I don't want to be overweight for the rest of my life!

Objectives for this week
1.  Stick with the plan.
2.  No More Diet Coke!!!
3.  Smaller Portions
4.  No Eating after 7 pm.
5.  Make better choices in the moment.
6.  Give myself Grace when I fail.

I'm overwhelmed a little scared and excited!  I know in the end, I will feel better which will allow me to serve Him better.  It's in the details today.  I Cor. 10:13

Friday, December 13, 2013

Major life shift in 2 years time!

I can't believe it's been two years since I've written a post.  Shame on me.

It's December...again.  Austin is a surgical Technician, he's been full-time employed at a local hospital for a year now.  That's how fast time has flown.  Alex is working nearly full-time at a local grocery store and working his way through college.  Aaron is in 10th Grade.  When I started this blog Alex was getting ready for a junior paper and here I sit-dreading the assignment with Aaron-It's coming up quick!

December 2013 finds my family content in faith.  Comfortable in our new position of family.  Austin has his own place, pays his own bills-Insurance included! Alex is hardly home because his schedule is ridiculous and Aaron wants to be busier than he is-all the time!

Whew-if I'm not careful, I'll wish it all away.

Our family is active in a church family that is new (well since the last post I posted anyway.)  We love it!  I'm working with the Jr. and Sr. High kids and if you know me, you know that's right up my alley.  I LOVE IT!  In my off time-I get to hang out with a couple of GREAT little guys.  William and Titus are angels sent from above for sure!  Their families are pretty amazing, too!  Maybe keeping them during the day is filling some sort of weird mid-life crisis, but I love it!

Adam is still my ever strong standard!  He's always been there through thick and thin and I have no reason to think that will change-simply another blessing in my life!  We will be moving on to 23 great years of marriage coming in February-probably before I post again given my track record!

So, that's all for now, just an update-nothing profound.  But I couldn't hardly stand to look at the May 2011 date.  Thought I throw something new up there.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Praying for the People of Joplin

It's crazy how there seems to be so many weather anomolies lately.  We have record tornado activity in the south, massive flooding and complications from that flooding, finally, a tornado of destructive proportions in Joplin, MO.  It's so weird to think we were just there! 

The day before the tornado hit, we were in Joplin at Ozark Christian College for Austin's graduation!  2 days before, we ate on Rangeline. 

More about Austin's graduation later.  For now, my heart cries out to the people of Joplin.  I pray they all will find comfort in our Lord today.  I pray that more people will be found alive.  I pray that they will recover quickly. 

Monday, May 9, 2011


Related to Graduations
1.  Make Cream Cheese Mints
2.  Finish Sr. Portfolio
3.  Start and Finish Graduation Video (which means scanning a lot of photos)
4.  Plan menu for the weekend
5.  Clean Bedrooms
6.  Prep. Bedrooms for guests
7.  (While I'm at it, I ought to clean my own bedroom :-/ )
8.  Print the few pictures I forgot to print
9.  Find 2 more frames

Not related to Graduations
1.  Clean house and prep it for small group on Tuesday Night
2.  Clean house and prep it for small group on Thursday Night
3.  Write 11 Youth Group Lessons so I am through the summer schedule
4.  Finish filling the binder for swimming lesson Instructors
5.  Go into work on Wednesday and finish laying dri-deck
6.  Laundry
7.  Pack for Austin's graduation from Ozark CC
8.  Clean house and prep it for Jed (person who is house-sitting our fish)
9.  Pull weeds one more time before we leave
10.  I know I'm forgetting something

The best part of all of this?  Realizing that in the grand scheme of things...I'm blessed to need to do every one of these things!