Friday, December 13, 2013

Major life shift in 2 years time!

I can't believe it's been two years since I've written a post.  Shame on me.

It's December...again.  Austin is a surgical Technician, he's been full-time employed at a local hospital for a year now.  That's how fast time has flown.  Alex is working nearly full-time at a local grocery store and working his way through college.  Aaron is in 10th Grade.  When I started this blog Alex was getting ready for a junior paper and here I sit-dreading the assignment with Aaron-It's coming up quick!

December 2013 finds my family content in faith.  Comfortable in our new position of family.  Austin has his own place, pays his own bills-Insurance included! Alex is hardly home because his schedule is ridiculous and Aaron wants to be busier than he is-all the time!

Whew-if I'm not careful, I'll wish it all away.

Our family is active in a church family that is new (well since the last post I posted anyway.)  We love it!  I'm working with the Jr. and Sr. High kids and if you know me, you know that's right up my alley.  I LOVE IT!  In my off time-I get to hang out with a couple of GREAT little guys.  William and Titus are angels sent from above for sure!  Their families are pretty amazing, too!  Maybe keeping them during the day is filling some sort of weird mid-life crisis, but I love it!

Adam is still my ever strong standard!  He's always been there through thick and thin and I have no reason to think that will change-simply another blessing in my life!  We will be moving on to 23 great years of marriage coming in February-probably before I post again given my track record!

So, that's all for now, just an update-nothing profound.  But I couldn't hardly stand to look at the May 2011 date.  Thought I throw something new up there.

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