Monday, September 21, 2009

I've definitely lost my mind!

My Conversation with Lorna today proves it!

It went like this...

Ring, Ring (sound effect: Phone ringing in the background)

"Hello?" said Theresa after a briefly rushed feeling caused from trying desperately to find one of the three phones in her house.

"Hey, Theresa, this is Lorna. I saw that I missed a call from you today."

"Oh, Yeah...did I leave a message because I can't remember why I called you." said Theresa, puzzled.

Lorna replied, "No, but I was wondering if you had the DVD?"

(Long pause) "What DVD? Lorna, I have no idea what DVD you are talking about. Did I forget something?"

"The DVD for bible study tomorrow, you do remember that we have bible study at your house tomorrow at 12pm right?" questions Lorna.

"Oh, yeah...(long pause) I need to clean my house!" (Said completely under my breath, I thought...but heard loud and clear). "Wait a minute...tomorrow is the 22nd and our bible study starts on the 22nd, that's tomorrow! I need to call Jennifer! I have NO IDEA where the DVD is! I was trying to call her earlier about something else...but she's sick and I don't think she's taking any calls! Lorna, I have no idea where the DVD is! Maybe it's at the church! I wonder if Jennifer took it home with her??!" All of this was stated in a very quick, panic stricken tone of voice.

All in all, have no fear, we are ready to go! The DVD has been located and we should be ready by noon tomorrow.

However, I've definitely lost my mind!