Saturday, March 7, 2009

Road Trip!!!! Off to Ozark Christian College

Well, Austin and I (Theresa) are off to OCC tomorrow. Austin will be spending the night at the college and hanging out doing the campus tour and all. It seems that Ozark has all the amazing professors in the nation for teaching Youth Ministry.

Austin is very excited to get ready to move on to this next step. Austin plans to Major in Youth Ministry and minor in Counciling. He'll be sitting in on a couple classes - Mark Moore's Acts Class and Zeustiac's Youth Psychology class, then I'll join him for chapel and we'll meet with the financial peeps and eat lunch with the dean of youth ministry and the President of the college - if I remember correctly. Should be quite the experience. I sure hope I don't cry! hahaha! It truly is amazing to watch your children growing up.

Now if we could just figure out all the details, like, how are we gonna pay for this!???!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

CCA Presents "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" by Lewis Carroll

This week has been a crazy week for the Aberle Family. Alex had his debute in Drama. This school year, every Wednesday for 2 hours, he has participated in our school (CCA) Drama Class. He's had a great time. This week was the pinnacle of all of those classes. The class performed the play "Alice In Wonderland" 3 times this week, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings. Alex had a Blast!

He played 2 roles. #1...the Horsefly. #2...the Card # 2.

The best part of the drama class for Alex was getting to know some of the others kids at CCA. He really enjoyed being the Horsefly!