Friday, August 29, 2008

What Have I been doing all summer?

So much for a post a week. So where have I been? The answer to this question, is very simple...THE POOL! The pool you say? Yes, the Pool, I say.

This summer has been my 3rd summer to work as a lifeguard on the Redstone Arsenal. My boss is one of my best friends and we so enjoy working together. (Like I'm gonna say anything different...I should say, I enjoy working with her-she may have a whole different perspective!
My job consists of several responsibilities...teaching swimming lessons to children & adults, (I will be attending a class in Nashville in october to procure the certification to teach water aerobics-which will add yet another something to fill my time with :-) ) guarding the pool for swimmers who come to visit us (obviously), making sure the pool has the appropriate chemical balance, keeping the deck clean (which somestimes means scraping gum off the underside of tables and cleaning up bodily fluids that seem to find themselves in the wrong place), and most ironically...keeping all the lifeguards in line...yep that my job! As you can probably guess, this part is the most fun! Ha Ha Ha!
The best part is hangin' out with all the lifguards. They keep my "young". Although, often times I am mistaken for a college student. The funniest example I have of this is... One day after swimming lessons one of the mom's came up to me and asked me if I knew the lady who "runs this place". (That would be my boss & friend...obviously the answer is simple, of course I know the lady who "runs this place") Then she said, "Are you her daughter?" After accidentally laughing out loud, I removed my sunglasses and said "No, actually, I'm 35 years old and our children have grown up together." (My boss is only 6 years older than I) She very quickly offered her appologies and begged me not to tell my boss what she had said.
The pools will close on Labor Day, so I'm happy to say my time will be freed up a bit. You should have the opportunity to look at some new posts coming soon!