Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No More Diet Coke!

That's a statement from me I'm sure you didn't expect.

After a tough Dr.'s appointment a few weeks ago, I'm embarking on some life changes.  For me.  Gulp.  I have spent so much time thinking about other people that taking care of "Me" has taken a back seat.  I feel a little selfish jumping on this ship, to be honest.  However, I believe it's time.  If things about me don't change it'll only keep me from doing for others in the future.  So, here I go.

I'm planning to blog a bit about it.  This too is for me.  I want to record my thoughts as I go through this process of becoming healthier, finding purpose and meaning in being fit.  I want to find a balance between fitness and living the life God has created for me to live.  Which right now, obviously, includes being more healthy.  So I've started by setting some goals for myself.

Goals:  The scale has to go down.  It's not about numbers-but my BP won't come down if my weight doesn't.  Diabetes won't stay away if I keep the status quo at this point.  And that bad cholesterol...  How awesome would it be if I could have those BP regulating Beta Blockers removed from my daily intake?  I can't do this on my own.  The Lord is my Strength.

With the help of a coach who I feel I can be completely honest with and a good friend who is in my life several times a week I'm hoping that this is the best chance I'll have in maintaining good eating habits, getting the encouragement I need and keeping my motivation up.  Hopefully these will be the tickets to success.

I also, am voicing my fears: 1.) Failure!  I need to loose wait forever, not just for a month.  2.)  I don't want to be overweight for the rest of my life!

Objectives for this week
1.  Stick with the plan.
2.  No More Diet Coke!!!
3.  Smaller Portions
4.  No Eating after 7 pm.
5.  Make better choices in the moment.
6.  Give myself Grace when I fail.

I'm overwhelmed a little scared and excited!  I know in the end, I will feel better which will allow me to serve Him better.  It's in the details today.  I Cor. 10:13

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