Saturday, December 13, 2014

We have an empty Box on Day 10!

I find myself on day 10 and I'm celebrating an empty box.  The first milestone in my journey is past-The Cleanse!

My favorite part of this journey so far is the meal plan.  It's made following "the plan" so much easier.  I've encountered others who have not had the benefits of those my Coach, Jane is giving me.  I started out not realizing how rare her coaching was.  After speaking with others I'm so thankful for her interaction daily in my life!

I've had only 2 moments of panic and she has come to the rescue both times.  The first was an outing to a local Mexican restaurant.  I texted her wondering what to order!  The second was similar but I learned that my favorite hot wings place serves salads!  Who would've thought?!

My least favorite part has been the fiber drink.  However, I've realized thinking about it makes it worse than it really is.  Its not terrible and I've finished all 6 of them and not died, so I guess I'm on the road to better health!

I'm definitely learning how to cook all over again.  I would, in the grand scheme of things consider myself a decent cook.  It can be overwhelming to realize the things I've cooked in the past aren't the best options for regular eating.  I've found that there are a plethora of recipes for clean eating out there.  They are delicious!  This week alone, we've eaten parmesan chicken, a clean chili (with no canned beans-only dried), and a great chicken and rice dish!  I'm learning how to cook from products that are not preserved with salt and sugar.  What a concept!  I soaked my first beans yesterday-there's a first for everything!  So, I'm back to looking up recipes every morning to plan my meal for that night.  Pinterest has been a GREAT resource!  (search "Clean Eating" for recipes)

My biggest struggle is still getting in the exercise.  I've always been terrible at that and the trend continues.  I guess, this is where the grace peace fits in.  I just keep plugging ahead!

The most encouraging thing for me is finding that my family is enjoying these meals too!  In some cases I've gotten the "Mom, I like this better than your regular chili!"  and "Mom, that looks really good!  Can I eat that for lunch too?"  Their bodies are craving "good for them" food too!

I'm beginning to notice changes in my body.  My stomach is definitely smaller which is helping with portion control.  I simply can't eat as much anymore!  My plantar fasciitis is receding!  My feet aren't hurting when I get up in the morning anymore!  Whoo hoo!  I have a lot more energy which is making me more active during the day.  Clothes are beginning to fit loosely!  Whoop!  I'm looking forward to that first shopping spree though-I have to say ;-).

The most exciting thing is by the end of this past week, other people are beginning to notice a difference.  This alone is motivation to continue on the journey.  One day at a time!

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