Monday, May 9, 2011


Related to Graduations
1.  Make Cream Cheese Mints
2.  Finish Sr. Portfolio
3.  Start and Finish Graduation Video (which means scanning a lot of photos)
4.  Plan menu for the weekend
5.  Clean Bedrooms
6.  Prep. Bedrooms for guests
7.  (While I'm at it, I ought to clean my own bedroom :-/ )
8.  Print the few pictures I forgot to print
9.  Find 2 more frames

Not related to Graduations
1.  Clean house and prep it for small group on Tuesday Night
2.  Clean house and prep it for small group on Thursday Night
3.  Write 11 Youth Group Lessons so I am through the summer schedule
4.  Finish filling the binder for swimming lesson Instructors
5.  Go into work on Wednesday and finish laying dri-deck
6.  Laundry
7.  Pack for Austin's graduation from Ozark CC
8.  Clean house and prep it for Jed (person who is house-sitting our fish)
9.  Pull weeds one more time before we leave
10.  I know I'm forgetting something

The best part of all of this?  Realizing that in the grand scheme of things...I'm blessed to need to do every one of these things!

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