Monday, January 26, 2015

Keeping the Balance

I find myself pondering a question:
     How do you keep a reasonable balance?

It's been advised that I read a book about women and fitness and so far, I'm struggling (I'm only like 29% of the way in-Kindle talk) with this concept...How do you know what the balance is???

As I read this book it seems the author is trying to convince me that fitness is #1-the most important thing.  Although I see the value in being fit, feeling good and able to care for my family-I feel like she is missing the main point.  For me the bottom line is not just about 100% focus on what I look like.  Yes, I want to be healthy, but I don't think (at least not today) I'm ready to sell out to 100% focus on my personal feelings!  My delight and joy comes from the Lord, I won't find it in my bodies appearance or even in my health.   Am I missing her point?

She has a particular affinity to "feeling sexy" --not my goal...I want to simply be healthy.  I want to have a relatively balanced diet, energy to take care of today and of my God given purposes.  I guess in a nut shell I'm saying, God's purposes for my life come first.

Maybe I'm just struggling with the semantics of her book.  "Feeling Sexy", "being the B ***H in the room", "dressing in skin tight clothes that give me confidence", and "looking like I know that every man in the room wishes his wife looked like me"...  THESE ARE NOT MY GOALS!!!!

In conclusion:  Finding the balance for me will not line up with the balance of the author of this book-I don't think.  I'm not interested in focussing all of my attention on having as little body fat as possible.  My focus is not having horrible results when my blood is drawn.  My focus is finding a balance that allows me to live -not just for me-but for the Lord.  This will require depending on Him for discernment and for guidance and for boldness.  I cannot get those things from my body.

I'm still reading this book.  I'm hoping her focus will change as she discusses nutrition later in the book.  Here's to pushing through.  No-I'm not discouraged...only disappointed in the knowledge that so many people are turning to fitness and "feeling sexy" in order to fill a void that only the Lord can fill.

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