Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home after Christ in Youth Conference MOVE 2009

I enjoy very much taking teens to CIY! I like getting to know the teens and sharing Christ with them. There is nothing like watching youth worship their creator and watching them become convicted of how they can grow closer to Him.

This year was especially special. When we first came to Huntsville Christian Church I began teaching the 18 month olds. They were the "little people" in the nursery with Austin. Those children were Austin, Kirsten and others, most of whom are now gone. I continued to teach children (again, Austin's age) even up to the present time. The crazy part is that now...those teens will be moving out into the world on their own.

I enjoyed spending time with Casey, Helen, Kirsten and Austin (along with the other kids). But this year was different. This was my last event with them. I will miss them. That makes me sad. At the same time, I'm bursting with JOY at the choices they've made. Their faith is strong and it will pull them through to making wise choices. They all have plans to stay plugged into Christ. I am proud of them for planning ahead. I will miss them, and I love them.

This is also a turning point. Now I get to start a "new cycle" of students! There are new young teens to get to know. New challenges and exciting times to have! I can't wait to start planning for them and getting to know them! I've already begun praying for them daily.

Along with that goes the joy of watching my other 2 boys growing up and learning to trust God! What greater pleasure is there than to see your children's faith in Christ grow and to watch them making choices they feel God is calling them to make!

There are mixed emotions this year, more-so than most years...but I can't wait to see what Christ will do in the lives of these college students and in the lives of those who will still be here waiting to learn more about HIM.

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