Monday, July 6, 2009

Alex's Haiti Mission Trip

While I was in Lithuania, Alex headed his way south to Haiti for a mission trip with Huntsville Christian Church. Some of the things they did there were...ran a youth conference...ran a VBS for elementary age kids...they built 2 benches for one of the churches there...hosted a party for the "grand moun"-the older generation of Haitian people.

The group crossing the river.

During Worship Alex's provided a little drum beat with a couple of rocks and his hands.

The Grand Moun (pronounced "Moon") party was thrown for the "elder" Haitian people! They loved singing and dancing and even playing "limbo"!

Soccer is a popular sport among the Haitian people. This was one of Alex's favorite times spent with the children. The Haitian kids wanted to play against the white kids! Needless to say...according to Alex...the Haitians won!

Alex really enjoyed participating in the youth conference because of the passion and excitement they showed for learning about God.

The Worship Team asked me to put together a video to show in church during the sermon the following week. Here is a link so that you can view it as well.

Yes, that's right...I now have a youtube account!


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mommyof3andlovinit said...

Another cool kid! (how many of them do you have, anyway?)
I love this guy!