Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Graduation Open House...Backtrack!

Well, It's finally real! Austin is officially a High School Graduate! When I look back I can easily remember the days when he was a newborn! It doesn't seem long ago at all! Just like yesterday, in fact!

But here we are! Amazing!

Cari and Alan came with the kids from Tulsa, OK. Andrew and Joy and their kids from Springfield, MO. Austin enjoyed playing games with all the kids! It was so sweet to watch him interact with them!

We had all kinds of excitement getting ready for the open house! We decided to slide the table over by the window...when we did...the light (that's normally over the table) was hanging so low that people were hitting their heads on it. So we removed it!

Another fun opportunity was the heat! It was a quite warm day...and our air conditioner decided to pick this weekend to quit. That's right...the funniest part of that was when the icing started falling off the cupcakes!

Needless to say, we enjoyed the back patio! It was cooler outside than inside, so we spent a good bit of time out there. We enjoyed all of the friends and family that came to visit!

Dad and Sandy came from Minnesota. This trip was actually their first adventure in coming to visit out home in Huntsville. We had a great time taking them around town and showing them the sites. One of my highlights of the whole week was taking them to the Space and Rocket Center!

Mom came from South Dakota-we enjoyed sewing a bag together that I used for our trip to Lithuania. Gene and LouAnne were also here from Springfield, MO. Thanks so much for all the help that everyone gave in decorating and making food!

Tom and Diane were not able to come...but they were here in spirit! Diane volunteered to make the table clothes! They are beautiful and I think of her each time I look at them!

Congratulations Austin! We are proud to call you our son! I consider myself blessed each time I thank God for you! You are truly a wonderful addition to our family! My prayer for you is that you will continue to grow your faith in Christ and that you will allow Him to lead in every decision that you make!!

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mommyof3andlovinit said...

Awwww, you should be proud! He's a neat kid...er...um... man?!?!?!? (that sounds weird!) He will do great things for the kingdom with his life. It'll be cool to see it.

And the party was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job!