Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip To Lithuania

Well, We are off! After about 7 years of talking about, and planning...we are finally off. Grandma Hedy, Ingrid (my Mom), Jenna (my cousin) and I are heading out tomorrow. We'll be heading to my grandmother's home country. We'll do a little family genealogy research, get an opportunity to spend about a week in her home town,and do a bit of sight-seeing. We have been anxiously awaiting this trip for a long'll get to read about it as we go. (Hopefully, provided that the wireless capabilities the hotels rave about really work!)

So buckle up...I'll be attempting to upload pictures and stories every evening of our trip to share with family who are interested in being part of this trip with us!

I'll be heading to Chicago tomorrow...meeting up with Jenna...then off to Frankfurt, Germany where we'll hook up with Mom and Grandma. From there we will jump on yet another plane and head straight for Vilnius, Lithuania (the capital city). Enjoy the ride with us!

Stay tuned...there is more to come!

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