Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Stage in Life

I am officially the mother of a college student! I can't believe it! When did all that happen?

I've had a really disappointing weekend. I really wanted to go and see what kind of pad Austin was gonna end up with...instead, I'm having to settle for pictures of his dorm.

He's having a great time meeting new people and being on his own. I really am happy for him...but part of me knows that it'll never be the same again. And that makes me sad. I wish I could've gone with Adam to take him. Maybe it's better that I didn't.

There are new things to look forward to. Like...Alex is going to get an interview with the Manager at Chick-fil-a! He's been wanting a job for a while. This might be his chance. Then he can get his drivers license too. That's the deal, no license until you have a job.

And Aaron! I can't believe he's 6th Grade already! Man, time flies. We will enjoy school together this year. Alex is taking some classes and Austin is gone. That will leave time for Aaron and I to "hang out" while we learn together.

So, all in will be different. But, I still have three boys that I love. No matter where they are...they will always know that they are loved! I thank the Lord everyday for them. I'm blessed to be called their mother.

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