Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Right Bunion Foot Surgery

Many of you knew that I was heading into Crestwood Surgery Center for bunion surgery on my right foot today. (My left was last February.)

I wanted to give you a "short and sweet" update as sitting up for long becomes painful quickly.

The surgery went exactly as expected and was completely on time. Adam got me home a little past noon, I think. My instructions are to ice it 15 minutes of every hour and take the pain meds every 3-4 hours or as needed.

I've been sleeping a lot as the pain medication knocks me out. However, They gave me crutches this time and I can tell already that, that has made a huge difference as I don't have to put all my weight on my foot as I walk. I will gradually be using my foot more and more as it heals.

Special thanks go out to John (PhatRok) Lancaster who took time out to come and sit with Adam. Thank you Soooo much! Also, a huge THANKS Goes out Jimmy & Lora Snell (and the kids) who dropped by and brought us supper for tonight! Especially since we have company coming into town and will need to be feeding extra mouths. Thanks So Much!

Also, and this thanks is they've not arrived yet, but Thank You to Gene and Lou Anne (Adam's Parents) and Alan & Cari (Adam's brother and his wife) and their family who are coming to help celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday and to help with all my duties here at the house! I'm very much looking forward to their company and can't wait to see them!

My love to all, Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

P.S. I'm going to ice my foot and put it up now. Thanks Again for all your prayers, gifts and well wishes!

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