Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Since we moved last spring I've been trying to figure out, how in the world I can have a garden. This has been a great dilemma for me. Our yard has over 50 very tall trees in it leaving us lacking direct sunshine that gardens like to have. I think I might have found an alternative. Only time will tell.

I just happened to catch an info-mercial on TV for this hanging tomato planter thing, and I thought "hmmm, this might work". But of course the "baskets" they were trying to sell looked totally CHEAP! YUCK! So, Adam and I put our heads together and found these hanging baskets at Lowe's. So we figured we'd just cut a hole in the bottom and plant the tomato plants in them -upside-down. I like them...but we had a "cup full of dirt" with something green dropping out of the bottom of it. This is not good enough for me!

I was talking with my friend Jill one day and she tells me that military families will often plant their "gardens" in baskets because of the frequency of their moves. So, I naturally, put 2 and 2 together and decided that I would attempt to put the two ideas together and see what

would happen. So, here is the start of our experiment. We have planted 2 pots with peas. One pot with green beans. We have squash and cucumbers. And finally, one with parsley and oregano. It will be an interesting thing to see if they have enough "room" to grow.

But so far they are lookin' pretty cool! We'll keep you posted on what happens!

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mommyof3andlovin'it said...

How creative is that! Your garden looks cool too. Selah and I just checked out your blog spot and we love it! Glad you're on board!