Thursday, May 22, 2008


I promised myself when I started this that I'd try to get at least one post up a week. And here I am...pushing the envelope...

So, as an update I will say...Summer is here! Which means, it's time to get the pools open. I had a great week off while mom was here but now it's time to hit the ground running! That's what I've been doing this week. I've been going into work around 6am every morning (Yes, that's AM!), and getting off anywhere between 2pm yesterday (because one of my youth kids had invited us to graduation) and 6pm tonight.

Saturday the pools open and things should slow down a bit. Which I am thankful for.

Austin, Alex, and Aaron are truly being awesome! They've been helping to keep the house up and resisting the urge to kill each other!!! Adam has been traveling all week and they have been left on their own more than I like. Austin has even been running a few errands for me all week. This is a nice littler perk to having teenagers!

Thanks guys, for hanging in there!

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