Thursday, May 15, 2008


It seems like everytime we have visitors, we end up putting them to work. Guess that really makes you want to come visit, right? lol! (Laughing out loud-just in case you don't have teenagers around).

My mom came to visit like she does just about every spring. We've had a GREAT time...walking downtown Huntsville, seeing all the blooming flowers (she's from Brandon, South Dakota, and spring is just breaking there), pulling a few weeds, eating out, shopping (her favorite), and sewing!

I've been lacking a curtain, as some of you know, in our guest bedroom...well, LACKING NO MORE! Thanks to my mom, we now have a curtain in there! Woohoo!

Check them out, we were a little concerned because the fabric seemed so yellow, but on the wall it seems to be taking on just the right colors to accent our guest room. I'm sooo excited!

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