Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Bible Really is Relevant!

My last post was the turning point in a small life of a small piece of God's story (Louie Giglio "I Am Not But I Know I AM"). Now it's time to move on and try to figure out how to digest where God is working. We are faced with a new dillema. A church family is something that we've learned to depend on. How exactly do we go about looking for a new one? Where does God want to see us serving? What direction is he leading us in? And, what do we do in the meantime?

I hate the idea of "trying out" churches. I know God is moving and growing us...but how do I know exactly where we are supposed to go? This week I decided to turn to Acts. The disciples were faced with many of the same questions. Jesus had died and rose and according to ch 1:3 spent 40 days with them "speaking about the Kingdom of God". Then he was taken up in a cloud.

In chapter 1:4 Jesus tells the disciples what is to happen next: "Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about." That gift was the Holy Spirit which would allow them to do miraculous things in the name of Jesus.

The disciples were faced with the realization the everything was changed. Through no control of their own, their leader was gone and they had to decide what they would do with that. I can't imagine what they must have felt before Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus tells them to "wait" for a gift from His Father. I wonder what they thought that gift was! I wonder where God will take us next.

Moral of the story? The disciples went to Jeruselem. They waited where they were told to wait and they joined together with Mary, Jesus' mother and "the women" and they prayed, constantly. (vs. 14) And so, this is what we will do. We will pray constantly, and wait on God to give us the discernment to know what to do next.

Even the disciples would've liked to know what was coming (vs. 6). Jesus response was that it wasn't for them to know. We will continue to follow Christ, even though sometimes we follow not knowing what's next. I am anxious to see how God will work in my life next. I'm even more anxious to continue serving Him!

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