Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Technology is GREAT ...WHEN IT WORKS!

We've been doing a little computer updating in our house lately. So far we've converted all but one computer from Windows XP to Windows 7 Ultimate N. We'd been putting off the updating on the main computer because of all the file transfering that would need to be done. Unfortunately, somehow I let a virus onto it forcing Adam to have to strip down the old system and go through the arduous process of loading everything on again. It's always such an ordeal but we'd been meaning to update it. My job last night was to move the files I wanted to keep from the computer to an external hard drive...so I did. I thought. Come to find out today...I forgot about my "favorites" list for the internet. The result of this amazing mistake? Having to remember a whole lot of web addresses and passwords. Oops!

Another challenge...Alex is in the middle of Rosetta Stone and today I had to reload that program. So now the question is...how does he get back to where he was (at least I know where he was at)? I'll be making a phone call to Rosetta Stone tomorrow. There has to be a way for me to tell that program where he is ...right? Oh, to understand technology!

I'm looking forward to having all of this "updating" done soon. I still have to load all of my Video and Audio software. Also, I need to move all my files from the external hard drive back to my C: drive. Oh Brother!

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