Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat turned out to be GREAT FUN! As it always does...all the hub-bub of "getting ready" is finally concluded as we've finally cleaned up the "after-math" of such an event! I can now park my car in the garage! HaHa!

Alex created a game of his own based off the sport he He constructed his game with cardboard, paint and a carpet knife. The object of his game was to drop the ping-pong balls in the "outfield" for the largest number of pieces of candy. There were 2 levels, so a toss through a hole would drop the ball to the lower level of his game. They would then roll to the bottom center and Alex could easily pick them up and pass them on to the next gamer. It turned out really good and he enjoyed playing with all the participants.

As for the rest of us...when it was all said and done, we blew up nearly 4,000 water balloons, filling them with an average of 2 TBSP of water to keep them from blowing in the wind. As you can see...that's Aaron hiding under all those balloons!

We had 2 pools, one with water balloons, the other with a few water balloons but mostly it was filled with plastic balls. The object of the game was to find the "blue" balls that were marked with numbers (representing the size of the prize). There were appx. 10 blue balls in the large pool and about that many in the smaller one.

Children would lean over the edge of the pool and "swim" through the balloons to find the blue balls hidden as far down as we could keep them. Then they were turn their blue ball in to our "lead life-guard" (Aaron) who would exchange the blue ball for the appropriate amount of candy!

We decorated with beach towels, The Beach Boys in music (appropriately screened), a diving board, beach tide warning signs, a swim at your own risk sign, a rescue vehicle with flashing lights (my favorite part!) over head! We weren't sure if we'd be able to stay out of the rain so our whole station (including the nose of the truck) was under awnings wrapped with rope lights!

It is said that approximately 1,000 people from our community came to share in the games we had to offer. It was a Grand Night! To add to the excitement, we won 2nd place! You'll be seeing us at Tony's Little Italy to redeem our prize soon!

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