Friday, July 4, 2008

Junior Week of Camp!

Can you believe that Aaron is old enough to go to camp?!?! He had such a great time and he made is mama so proud! The students each had a list of memory verses that they could learn to earn point for their teams. The boy was the top scoring kid in his group by several thousand points!

He wouldn't even talk to me all week! He wanted to be at camp without me. It was hilarious! It was the first time I realized that he may not want to get hugs before bed for much longer! Everytime I'd "remind" him where to put his wet dirty clothes he'd turn his head and walk away and say "I know mom! I'm not a baby anymore!" Yieks! Is this really happening???

When a student did something extra ordinary that got to eat "Dinner With the Deans" (Phat Rok (our new youth minster) & Aaron Warnik Phat Rok's friend). So one the very first night that this reward happened, Aaron along with 2 of his friends got to eat Dinner With the Deans!

I was even able to get in on a little fun. Now understand that my primary rolls were Lifeguard and to play my bass with the praise band. But on the last day I was asked to step in to play the part of "Howina Mandell" in one of the groups skits.

They had been working on their "friday night skit" all week and a couple kids got sick so they asked my jump in. So I did. Aaron played the part of "John the Baptist" and he drooled all the way throught the skit, it was pretty grose...but evidance again that Aaron is growing up.
We all had a great time! I'm glad I could go! It makes life a little crazy but I wouldn't trade it in for the world!

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