Monday, October 20, 2008

Fantasy Football Fun!!!

Ok, so I'm running around online checkin' facebook, myspace, and blogging while the family is watching Monday Night Football (-which I stuggle to stay interested in) when Aaron screams and comes running to the computer.

He wants to see our Fantasy Scores. You see, our family (on Adam's side) all get together every fall and we play Fantasy Football. It's the perfect opportunity to "stay connected" and trash talk each other for the whole football season. This may not seem healthy to most-But we LOVE it! haha!

So, Aaron comes running and screaming to me at the computer and he MUST see his score right now! You see-his players just scored a his score goes up and Uncle Andrew's (his opponent this week) score goes down putting him in the lead by less than .75 points. He has just realized that he will probably win his game this weekend.

The whole reason I'm blogging about this comes next. Not only did he scream all the way to the computer...but upon realizing that he has actually pulled ahead of Uncle Andrew's team...he runs through the house screaming into the room where Adam is...and screams again!!!! "AAAHHHHH I'm Winnning!!!! Uncle Andrew is Going DOWN!!!!" Then he turns around and runs into the couch - (some of you will remember the big fluffy cushions on the couch)- bends over into the pillow face first and SCREAMS as loud as he can!

Then he casually lifts his face off the pillow...walks over to the recliner, sits down and continues to enjoy the game as calm as ever.

Even when they are 10...they can have mood swings! I LOVE IT!

P.S. I'm actually experiencing a slight win this week as well...the score between myself & my enemy? (That would be my loving and very quiet looser, husband :-)) 109.38 to 70.16...OH YEAH!!!!! I got him this time ya'll!!!!! WWooooHooo!


Anonymous said...

What's this about calling me a looser???????? Although for the first time in three years you actually have a better record than me...... :-)


the POWER of REVELATIONS said...

I love you Babe! It's ok...I don't know how I could possibly have a better record than YOU! Your my hero! Hope you had a great day! See you soon!

mommyof3andlovinit said...

That is a GREAT story! I can see Aaron doing that!
My favorite part was the subtle paragraph there at the end, about you and your "enemy." HA! What's up with him this year anyway? Well, since B. Westbrook healed faster than I thought he would, and since Adam picked him up after I dropped him, maybe he'll move out of last place and start playin' a little ball already!
(there's a little taste of the trash talk!)